Happy 1st Anniversary to Phondok Photography Group

Assalamualaikum and Greetings to everyone…

Happy Happy Happy birthday to Phondok Photography Group (PP). I cant believe that the group managed to maintain and active after a year. I thought that this will be just another photography group in Facebook but Alhamdullilah, we managed to keep the group active over the years and i am happy to say that even the members are increasing, current total 1086 members.

A year ago, (this is my 5th time writing this part, “sensitive issues” hahaha) i dont have to say it but i believe most of you know what the heck is going on with photography industry in Malaysia. To cut the story short, PP was created out of anger, disappointment, hatred and many others negative feeling deep inside…now… thanx to all the members, those feelings has bloomed to a way better feelings.

“Phondok Photography” , the name was given from the idea to create a place for anyone who likes photography. A place for us LEARN on how to share, to give advice, to receive and react on feedbacks, to help and guide others, to extract knowledge, to talk about or discuss about anything related to photography. “Sekolah Pondok” is a place for people to go and learn about things such as, life, religion, morals and even school education and it is FREE. Sekolah Pondok was created many years ago to help others to study and learn without having to worry about payments. PP is just like sekolah pondok. Everything is free at PP, except items or merchandise (coming soon).

When PP was created, it did attract many people from different levels, this include the “others”. Just to share with you guys, in the early days, there are a number of people who dislike PP. We received a lot of fb messages and even phone calls and sms saying that PP must be closed and “fuck that PP idea”. It was hard for us at first, imagine being curse and talk bad about and spread it all over the place… believe it or not… this thing still goes around till today.

We stand by our believe and principals and we just keep going regardless what others wanna say about us. We just keep going and going and going… and look at us now 😉 . We at PP, bow down and humbly say THANK YOU to all our dearest members, without you guys, we are not what we are today. PP is all about togetherness and in PP, there is no such thing as the “bos/ sifus/ grandmasta/ dewa/ maharaja/ king photography and what ever else” , we are all equal. We help those who need it, we answer to those who asked, we support each other and we do it unconditionally. We never asked anything back in return, we only hope that you can share the knowledge that you have gain at PP with the rest and not forgetting the fact that “photography is all about having fun”

With the help of the members who consistently giving ideas and making the group so lively and a place where u can say or discuss or even argue about anything related to photography and not having any grudge or hate each other at the end. There were some “hot” issues that lead to an argument among the members, but PP is so happy and glad to see that it end up in a positive manner. From time to time, a member will msg us and share with us what they think and feel about PP, this is just one of it (we do print screen your feedbacks and comments about us even the negative ones 😀 )

PP feedback


The members are the one who created this group. I hope and wish that the members will  continue doing what you are doing now to help others. We appreciate all the effort and ideas and help from everyone. Let us continue doing this and come out with more crazy ideas or activities or even “hot” topics to discuss about. Let us not forget on our “Orphanage” project. You guys bring so much joy to them and even the owner of the place was very pleased with your effort and he also said that no one has ever done this before… i am proud with all the members…not because of the compliments that we received but the joy that u give to the orphans and how you guys have changed the mind set that we have since God knows when about the orphanage. When we think about orphanage now, its no longer that sad, pitiful feeling that we used to have… and it is all because you guys who makes the different and share it with the world through your pictures and stories. There is so much more i want to say and share about PP after one year but this happy anniversary wish is getting way to long… so… i shall stop here :p

Once again, THANK YOU and Happy Anniversary to all Phondok Photography members.


     “Knowledge is to be shared, not to be sold”


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