[j] Photography Workshop siri 1/2013 – Jeram Besu Pahang

Alhamdullilah and thank you to 73 Sports Management

The 1st Photography Workshop (siri 1/2013) at Jeram Besu Pahang was finished with the participants from KL, Selangor, Melaka, Johor, Perak and Pahang. All participants was enjoyed the classes conducted by our professional photographers. Lots of knowledge they get from this 3 days 2 nights workshop.

Participants had their practical session at Berembun Waterfall and Orang Asli village at Kampung Ulu Sega near Jeram Besu on the 2nd day.

Perbadanan Kota Buku Malaysia, as the main organizer for this Photography Workshop was very happy with the workshop that we had at Jeram Besu and will continue this workshop next year.

We shared some moment during the workshop below. Enjoy 🙂


More photo here

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Reasons Why Professional Photographers Cannot Work for Free




Reasons Why Professional Photographers Cannot Work for Free.

If you haven’t read this, please do 😉

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Old treasure finally RETRIEVED!

I’ve been looking for the link up and down high and low. We lost all the discussions after FB changed the group format. Alhamdullilah, i found it back. wOoHoO!!!!!!!!!!!

click here to read


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Weddings by NMHclicks

Salam and greetings to you, as we all know, nowadays… there are thousands of wedding photographer here in Malaysia itself… ada pepatah Melayu berbunyi : “rambut sama hitam, hati lain lain”. Sama laa jugak dalam Wedding Photography, “camera sama hitam, hati lain lain”.

What i am trying to say here, no matter how many wedding photographers there is in this world, i strongly believe that each and everyone of them have their own understanding and see things differently.

Below, is a slide show of a wedding pictures that have been arranged from the first event till the end in almost every wedding ceremony in Malaysia… (the standard flow of a ceremony).


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Happy 1st Anniversary to Phondok Photography Group

Assalamualaikum and Greetings to everyone…

Happy Happy Happy birthday to Phondok Photography Group (PP). I cant believe that the group managed to maintain and active after a year. I thought that this will be just another photography group in Facebook but Alhamdullilah, we managed to keep the group active over the years and i am happy to say that even the members are increasing, current total 1086 members.

A year ago, (this is my 5th time writing this part, “sensitive issues” hahaha) i dont have to say it but i believe most of you know what the heck is going on with photography industry in Malaysia. To cut the story short, PP was created out of anger, disappointment, hatred and many others negative feeling deep inside…now… thanx to all the members, those feelings has bloomed to a way better feelings.

“Phondok Photography” , the name was given from the idea to create a place for anyone who likes photography. A place for us LEARN on how to share, to give advice, to receive and react on feedbacks, to help and guide others, to extract knowledge, to talk about or discuss about anything related to photography. “Sekolah Pondok” is a place for people to go and learn about things such as, life, religion, morals and even school education and it is FREE. Sekolah Pondok was created many years ago to help others to study and learn without having to worry about payments. PP is just like sekolah pondok. Everything is free at PP, except items or merchandise (coming soon).

When PP was created, it did attract many people from different levels, this include the “others”. Just to share with you guys, in the early days, there are a number of people who dislike PP. We received a lot of fb messages and even phone calls and sms saying that PP must be closed and “fuck that PP idea”. It was hard for us at first, imagine being curse and talk bad about and spread it all over the place… believe it or not… this thing still goes around till today.

We stand by our believe and principals and we just keep going regardless what others wanna say about us. We just keep going and going and going… and look at us now 😉 . We at PP, bow down and humbly say THANK YOU to all our dearest members, without you guys, we are not what we are today. PP is all about togetherness and in PP, there is no such thing as the “bos/ sifus/ grandmasta/ dewa/ maharaja/ king photography and what ever else” , we are all equal. We help those who need it, we answer to those who asked, we support each other and we do it unconditionally. We never asked anything back in return, we only hope that you can share the knowledge that you have gain at PP with the rest and not forgetting the fact that “photography is all about having fun”

With the help of the members who consistently giving ideas and making the group so lively and a place where u can say or discuss or even argue about anything related to photography and not having any grudge or hate each other at the end. There were some “hot” issues that lead to an argument among the members, but PP is so happy and glad to see that it end up in a positive manner. From time to time, a member will msg us and share with us what they think and feel about PP, this is just one of it (we do print screen your feedbacks and comments about us even the negative ones 😀 )

PP feedback


The members are the one who created this group. I hope and wish that the members will  continue doing what you are doing now to help others. We appreciate all the effort and ideas and help from everyone. Let us continue doing this and come out with more crazy ideas or activities or even “hot” topics to discuss about. Let us not forget on our “Orphanage” project. You guys bring so much joy to them and even the owner of the place was very pleased with your effort and he also said that no one has ever done this before… i am proud with all the members…not because of the compliments that we received but the joy that u give to the orphans and how you guys have changed the mind set that we have since God knows when about the orphanage. When we think about orphanage now, its no longer that sad, pitiful feeling that we used to have… and it is all because you guys who makes the different and share it with the world through your pictures and stories. There is so much more i want to say and share about PP after one year but this happy anniversary wish is getting way to long… so… i shall stop here :p

Once again, THANK YOU and Happy Anniversary to all Phondok Photography members.


     “Knowledge is to be shared, not to be sold”

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“ditulis bukanlah untuk merasa bongkak atau riak, mana boleh ambik iktibar, ambik lah kalau rasa ia betul, ditulis sebagai tanda ikhlas berterima kasih disamping ingat mengingati sesama sendiri”

R’ship atau hubungan dengan seseorang client, pada aku, haruslah ada batasannya, where by, the photographer should know when to joke around and when to be serious and to what certain levels they can be close to the client that he/she is servicing. I myself have always keep this things in my minds so that i dont step over the line as someone whom they hire to do the job but i have also yet to find the time to joke around and get as close as i can with my clients.

The reason being is simple, bukannya aku nakkan bayaran lebih (dah sah sah laa the deal was already closed and agreed on before the event, betul tak?) few of the reasons that i can share with u (my dear blog yang sudah lama dipinggirkan :p) it is because, by being warm or ringan mulut (fine…dah banyak kali aku kena chop sebagai photographer mulut banyak laa, annoying laa, tak reti diam laa dan sebagainya but Alhamdullilah they meant it in a good way, biarlah annoying ker apa ker janji we get what we want yang insyaAllah akan buat customer happy). It is also because i believe, regardless of berapa pun the charges for that particular event, as a photographer, senang cerita as a human being laa…sebagai manusia, i dont believe in “owhh..event nie aku dibayar sikit, jadi service aku pun banyak tuh jer laa, kalau dibayar lebih, aku akan service lebih” to those yang berfikiran sebegitu, aku dah sampai tahap malas  nak komen dengan perangai “hebat” korang tuh. YES and i AGREE that we are paid with certain amount therefore we should not give more then we should in the agreement. Aku memang agree sangat, but there is such saying “going to the extra miles”. This things is up to your jurisdiction on how you want to interpret it, thats why aku malas nak komen apa apa. I have my own limitation in till what extend i can be nice and to what extend i shouldnt. Bukan sebab memilih, tetapi sebab kalau clients are being ridiculous, memang i am sorry to say, sama ada aku cakap bebaik atau aku sembur jer balik (this is after berulang kali cakap and mereka mereka tak paham bahasa, bukan nak kata aku nie bagus…TAK…tapi jangan laa jadi bangang! orang bagi betis, kebiasannya orang mintak peha, gua bagi betis lu nak dahi terus, ini kejadian benar dan telah berlaku, and currently, still going on! lu bukak balik quotation and tengok PLEASE and look what i’ve given u so far, so tolong  berpijak di bumi yang nyata sikit, sekian terima kasih, sorry teremo kejap)

Anyhoo, point utama sekali kenapa aku sarankan sifat “be warm” with clients, kita ambik wedding or any of those punya related events laa as an example. That particular ceremony is a historical ceremony or events towards that particular family and you as a photographer is actually part of it. You can either choose to be a silent photog yang jenis habis jam terus balik without notifying the clients (banyak berlaku yer…please dont be like this) or you can either happily be part of it and make others at ease. Others at ease? maksudnya? as a photographer, u definitely has been to many occasions and ceremonies that in away, u know what the flows are like. At times, the family members might missed out few things not because those things are not in the agendas but simply because they accidentally  over look and you have the choice to say it and by saying it, u can actually make things better. Some will say and some choose not too…kenapa? sebab itu bukan dalam job description aku…kononnya…hok hek lu laa!! ada pulak yang akan berkata “that is not our place to say it, nanti orang kata kita nie memandai mandai and nak mengarah majlis, kang kena tiaw dengan client “you are paid to snap pictures not to tell us what to do!” … baiklah…point taken, noted lagi. This is where adab dan bahasa comes in. If you are pretty much ok with the clients and also the family members, i dont think a simple gesture or a suggestions that originally was from the clients themselves and u as a reminder will piss them off, dia orang bersyukur lagi ada laa… tapi biar laa kena gaya cara korang nak menegurnya pulak…jangan laa main tebabom jer dari mulut tuh…

To those who are reading this, bear in mind that i am not trying to say anything about me or trying to say others are screwed up and i am not. TIDAK SAMA SEKALI. I am just sharing with u few things here, which i have did it and the results are real, ini bukan catatan rekaan. Besides work ethics and respect that i have towards the clients and their event, i would also like to be part of it and i will do what i can to help or to ease up the family members/ organizers. I’ve done many things which most of the times it is not even in my JD or the quotation earlier. Jadi runner laa, mak andam laa, wedding planner laa (siap nak potong kek dan acara seterusnya, family tersebut akan tanya aku dulu…aku pun heran jugak sebenarnya…) PA towards the bride or groom laa and at times…siap jadi tukang penenang mood mereka yang macam roller coaster dan tempat mereka lepas marah and tension, habis semua benda aku kena sembur, but i make a point to calm them down and do my best to assists in anything that i can so that insyaAllah everything will be allright. Ada arguments yang mengatakan “habis kalau dah jadi runner, dah buat benda lain lain, bila nak ambik gambar nyer?” …halloo geng… pernah dengar tak “time management” pernah dengar tak “well equipped and prepared both mentally and physically” pernah dengar tak “planning” ? and ok….aku akan berpijak kepada bumi yang nyata and i dont deny that in away and at times there are certain things will be restricted atau there will be some things that u will missed out atau tak sempat, been there myself, solution dia? cari balik the time that u lost to take those shots atau improvise the shots that u had in ur mind, this will gives u results that u yourself will be surprise, “think outside of the box”. Selain daripada sebab sebab going extra miles, aku tak nak la dia orang muka kemek kemek macam kena minum air pegaga time shoot, believe it or not, at the end of the day, if the photographers did not manage to get good shots regardless dia minum air pegaga atau air sirap limau best…the photographers are to be blame for not capturing good pictures, so common…think wisely guys…biar ada win win situation dekat situ, tak rugi pun setakat tenaga dan effort korang, janji biar buat tuh, buat dengan niat IKHLAS dan bukan sekadar sipi sipi daun pandan.

Through out my journey, there are ups and downs, aku tak kata semuanya berakhir dengan happy endings, ada jugak yang at the endnya…aku kena reject…ambik gambar tunang jer, nikah kena reject… hahahhaha… but its all good…parts of growing up. Everything that i have done to my clients, aku tak pernah meminta sebarang balasan, it is good enough for me that they actually call me by my name instead of “photographer/ abg camera/ oii oiii/ dan sebagainya” by the time aku balik, if they call me by my name, i consider myself as a winner already, kalau dapat thank you and segala benda yang dia orang selalu bagi, lagi laa… Alhamdullilah to me…never aku mintak sebarang balasan sebab salahlah nawaitul dan niat itu jikalau balasan diminta di akhir hari. (macam ustaz laa pulokkk)

On 18th December 2010, genaplah setahun aku bergelar suami. On that particular day, my Super Wife, dengan wajah manis tersenyumnya, berkata, “do ur best and dont let people down and dont worry about our anniversary”…kata kata nya itu buat aku tersentap kejap sebab wanie (my Super Wife) when it comes to anniversary…hmm…very the the…but she understands my work and siap pesan dont let others down. So i went there with Ktulu and do what we like to do…bukan ambik gambar…itu jatuh ke anak tangga 4 atau 5… …be ourselves and get to know the family and just mingle with them and the rest of the night was indeed a pleasant and a memorable night for their family and for me and Ktulu as well as we managed to do what we are suppose to do which is to snap snap here and there.

My heart was moved by how the family members treated us, we were a complete strangers to them, i only met Aisyah and Amar once before their engagement day needless to say the family members…lagi laa tak pernah jumpa. They treated us as if we are one of the family members (kepada clients yang lain, jangan terasa yer…saya ingat sampai bila bila jasa dan everything that you have done and given me and how you have treated me so well that only Allah can repay your kindness).

The fact that i was there during my 1st year anniversary till bout 1ish am from 4pm, but what they have portrait to us (me and ktulu) makes us feel like we are just part of them and of course with some “classified” shots and footage of all the aunties which i rarely encounter with. Their warmness really touched my heart and it goes on until today and every time i pay them a visit, not less by a millimeters the treatment that i received that nite changes. They are still who they are and the warmness are felt even when you are their doorsteps. If i wanna share with you guys about them, MasyaAllah…i can even create a novel about it as even now pun, it is already 1609 word count hahahahaah…. i was happy the way they are towards me and most importantly, pheww..they like the pictures that was taken by us. I could have never asked for more from them as their kindness has speak so much about them.

And recently, they gave me this 2 gifts that i actually droped my tears when i received it (dengan tak malunya aku mengaku…and yes i did continue in the car coz depan client kena cover sikit hahahaha…) i’ve never expect to receive such things from anyone as i am there to do what i am suppose to do which is to take photos, and those things i said was just a side things but i guess some people see it differently. I was shocked and i was speechless, receiving this from my “Most Fussy Client for 2010” (i love fussy clients btw) that was a major surprise…and till today…i simply dont know how to react to this or what to say….but what i am gonna say here is that, “Cuma Allah sahaja yang dapat membalas jasa budi you and your whole family + ammar’s and of course the “Sembang Sembang Crew”, I’ll take all your words and wishes as a Doa’s for me and my family and i couldnt thank you enough, i thought the ikan pekasam was the BOMB…rupanya tebaBOM i kena…hehehe..thank you to all of you, there is too many of you to be mention but i will mention it still. Special thanx to SSC, Mama Cha and the kitchen geng, tak lupa jugak kepada neng, Aisyah’s father, brothers and sisters, kak long who apparently still owes me gummy candy, tija, harris and the other 2 heroes, the lovely Gurindam Geng, and aiyoo…many many others hahhaha..special thanx to, of course… Aisyah and Ammar. I am still speechless till now, thank you guys 😉 ”

p/s- Just some additional infos for the rest, through out this whole thing, before and after, ada hamba Allah yang actually say bad things, fitnah dan sebagainya about me to my client, both literally and by writing. Allah Maha adil, and action speaks louder then words and thank you for having faith and believing in me Aisyah, that is the most priceless gifts of all 🙂

Printed and signed by the Sembang Sembang Crew

Dah siap gantung oookkk... ahahahah

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Kisah 2nd Photographer..

(this was taken from a discussion wall at Phondok Photography Group

Salam and greetings to all my dearest beloved PP members. Please kindly read through this (if you have the time) because the morale of the story is something that i wanna share and hope that we all can learn from this.

korang pernah dengar tak kes kes seperti, company A hired another photographer from a different company for an event. then masa dekat event tuh, ada orang approach the 2nd photographer nak bagi job. 2nd photographer tuh pun, mengeluarkan kad nama company nya sendiri, lalu memberinya kepada customer. 2nd photographer tidak memberitahu company A malah tidak berbincang akan perihal seperti ini bersama company A. Ada sesapa pernah lalui benda nie ker? kalau pernah, apakah tindakan dia tuh wajar? apakah perasaan korang dan apakah sepatutnya yang dilakukan oleh 2nd photographer itu?

A proper way or an ethical way on how the 2nd photographer should act would be, if you are hired by a different company, and you at the venue of the event, automatically, you are not suppose to promote or to pass around your contact number to prospect unless if your already have an agreement with the company A saying that you are allowed to do so. if there is a prospect inquiring things from you, please remember that you are representing company A at that moment. Either you bring that prospect to see the people from company A or at least get the prospect’s number and pass it to company A later on.

Tak ramai yang practice kan benda nie sebenarnya. zaman sekarang nie, ramai dah tak nampak nilai nilai atau etika ketika bekerja nie…dah banyak kali dengar kes macam tuh…kan? tapi tidak dinafikan…ada segelintir manusia yang berbuat sedemikian, yang masih mempunyai nilai nilai murni dan etika pekerjaan yang bagus.

Yesterday, i visited one of my client to pass her photos. I was so surprise when she said something about my 2nd photographer. She said, “nik…ktulu dengan u bukan satu company kan?”
“tak..dia lain..kenapa?” i replied
“tak der laaa…i hari tuh call dia and nak tanya pasal name card and all, then dia kata, tanya nik…apa apa…tanya nik..”
“then i ada call ktulu hari tuh cakap dengan dia about the gambar and all and since u bz, i tak nak kacau u nik, so i suruh laa dia yang datang jer alang alang, sama jer” my client continued
and i just sit there listening with a smile in my heart.

” i nampak ktulu tuh, apa apa jer i tanya ker apa ker, semua dia akan cakap, boleh…ok…tapi refer dekat nik dulu”

and so…i explained to my customer about what and why ktulu reacted such ways. ETIKA SEMASA WAKTU BEKERJA DAN NILAI NILAI MURNI SESEORANG INSAN.

I know ktulu is someone with work ethics ( walaupun korang tengok jer dia tuh senget tak menentu arah) but when a customer sees that in a photographer, that shows alot and it means alot. Bagi aku, for a customer to see and say things like that about your other photographer, aku rasa macam aku menang “Free Leica Cameras and Equipments for Life” wahahahah….

Guys, aku bukan nak puji dia…tak hengen aku nak puji dia sebenarnya…karang dari senget…terus straight…wahahahaa….but what i am trying to share or the morale of this story is, regardless where we are, with whom we work or no matter how bad or desperate we need a job, PLEASE WORK WITH A PROPER WORK ETHICS. Mungkin korang akan terlepas job sebab korang bagi dekat company A, tapi percayalah, tuhan tuh Maha adil, mungkin benda tuh kecik atau perkara remeh temeh, but not to some people. Bagi aku, selain daripada memanggilnya sifat beretika, ia juga dikenali sebagai satu sifat yang terpuji dan mulia.

Sebagai kawan, I AM PROUD OF YOU … and hope many others will follow ur footsteps (etika pekerjaan, bukan bab bab senget hahaahah)

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Salam wahai blog ku yang ditinggalkan lama…sorry laa yer…been really busy and tied up with things and owhhh…trust me i have tons of SHITS to share with you…. but just let me share this for now…i come across the conversation of the “otais” and apparently they spend their evening by… read it yourself 😉

mari lah kita sama sama jadikan ini sebagai satu peringatan supaya tidak sewenang wenang nya berkata kata sedemikian kepada yang lain. Hakikat nya… 1 jari menunding, 4 jari menunjuk balik kepada kita… anda sepatutnya menjadi contoh, bukan menjadi “CONTOH” …

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4 Days 3 Night Package :
• Photo Safari Day 01 (2 islands):
Mabul Island + Kapalai Reef
• Photo Safari Day 02 (6 islands): Mabul+Omadal+Kalapuan+Mataking Besar+Mataking Kecil+Timba Timba+Sibuan
• Photo Safari Day 03 (4 islands): Bohey Dulang+Matabuan+Salakan+Maiga
• Coverage of Bajau Laut Community & Seaweed Industries

Air Asia flight ticket promotion today and tomorrow ONLY :
AK5154 Kuala Lumpur (KUL) to Tawau (TWU)
Saturday, 19 February 2011
Depart 1535 Arrive 1825
Total : RM 49

AK6127 Tawau (TWU) to Kota Kinabalu (BKI)
Wednesday, 23 February 2011
Depart 1335 Arrive 1425
Total : RM 9

AK5113 Kota Kinabalu (BKI) to Kuala Lumpur (KUL)
Wednesday, 23 February 2011
Depart 2140 Arrive 0010 (+1 day)
Total : RM 89


* flight booking is to be done ONE WAY in order to get cheaper price. The reason for the transit is to get a cheaper price ticket*


Terms and Condition :
– 15 pax MAX (first come first serve basis)
-those who are interested please email your details to fizleehafiz@gmail.com and kindly cc to nikmuhdhafiz@ya.com , ktuludesign@gmail.com
-We will share the rest of the TnC through replies

An outing on one of the world treasure island. Photo shoot using nature’s prop (jungle and sea). Don’s worry about your photography skills as kawan ktulu and Nik Muhammad Hafiz will be there to guide and share the knowledge with you guys.

Person in charge :
1- Fizlee Hafiz – 016 322 1830 – fizleehafiz@gmail.com
2- Ktulu – 017 281 6800 – ktuludesign@gmail.com
3- Nik – 013 210 7138 – nikmuhdhafiz@yahoo.com

– 10 islands wehhhhHH!!!!!!!
– 2 kali BBQ
– On site photography course
-MURAH GILER BABI SIUT!!!! (tengok harga flight sudeyy..)

TOTAL COST is ONLY RM899 (exclusive flight ticket)
Get your flight ticket now, with ONLY RM 149


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= ???

??? masih tak dapat untuk mentafsirkannya ???

Maksudnya ialah ” JANGAN KUNCI MINDA”

Fenomena atau gejala baru (gejala lama sebenarnya, tetapi diberi nafas baru apabila munculnya dunia Digital) yang menghantui hampir kesemua golongan usia di merata rata dunia, FOTOGRAFI ! Sebelum anda meneruskan pembacaan, adakah anda tahu apa maksud Fotografi? … Fotografi ialah

“Sebuah lukisan yang dihasilkan daripada sumber cahaya”.

Seperti kereta yang memerlukan minyak, enjin, kepala ekzos dan beberapa bahagian yang lain, begitu juga dengan fotografi. Selain daripada cahaya, berikut adalah 5 faktor asas yang perlu digabungkan untuk menghasilkan sesebuah lukisan cahaya atau GAMBAR.

1) Mixture of practical science – Gabungan sains mekanikal dan sains alam sekitar

2) Imagination                            – Imiginasi tentang gambar yang hendak dihasilkan atau                                                              disampaikan

3) Design                                     – Rekabentuk atau rekaan

4) Craft Skills                             – Keupayaan membina

5) Organizing Ability                – Sifat terurus

1- Gabungan sains mekanikal dan sains alam sekitar

Sebagai jurufoto, tidak kira sama ada sebagai hobi atau perniagaan, anda haruslah memahami konsep gabungan sains mekanikal dan sains alam sekitar. Contoh yang boleh diberikan disini ialah seperti, sains mekanikal : memahami selok belok alatan kamera anda, fungsinya dan keupayaannya. Sains alam sekitar pula, mengetahui atau mempunyai maklumat asas akan tempat yang bakal dituju untuk sesi pengambaran seperti, cuacanya dan keadaan sekeliling. Apabila anda menggabungkan kedua dua ciri sains ini, anda mungkin akan dapat mengelakkan kerosakan peralatan kamera anda, membawa bagasi atau peralatan yang tidak diperlukan dan anda juga dapat menggunakan keadaan sekeliling dengan bagusnya, seperti mengetahui sama ada ramalan cuaca yang mengatakan bahawa tempat tersebut bakal hujan atau cerah.

2- Imiginasi tentang gambar yang hendak dihasilkan atau disampaikan :

Imiginasi memainkan peranan yang penting juga di dalam persiapan untuk mengambil gambar. Ia dapat memberikan atau memperluaskan juga mempelbagaikan gambar gambar yang bakal di ambil. Seseorang itu, hanya perlu berimiginasi walaupun dalam realitinya, mustahil. Cuba sedaya upaya untuk mendapatkan gambar seperti imiginasi anda dan lihat lah hasilnya sendiri. Ingat, “fotografi adalah subjektif”.

3- Rekabentuk atau rekaan :

Mungkin ada di antara sesetengah anda yang tidak dapat mengkaitkan faktor ini didalam fotografi. Rekabentuk atau rekaan? nak reka apa? nak bentuk apa? … Apa lagi, kalau bukan gambar. Bagi menghasilkan sesebuah gambar, ianya perlulah direka terdahulu. Tak faham? cuba lihat faktor nombor 2, imiginasi anda akan digunakan dan ia akan direka terlebih dahulu.

4- Keupayaan membina :

Setelah selesai akan rekabentuk sesebuah gambar itu yang dihasilkan daripada imiginasi anda yang dititikberatkan dari gabungan sains mekanikal dan alam sekitar, tiba lah masa untuk anda membinanya (bunyi macam nak buat bangunan pun ada kan…”ishh…ambik gambar nie bukan senang jer ker? main picit picit jer butak hitam tuh?” “nak main picit picit sahaja pun boleh, tiada salahnya, kamera tuh anda yang punya, tapi apa salahnya jikalau kita mengetahui selok beloknya terdahulu, tak salah kan?” “salah tuh memang laa tak..tapi macam pening sikit laa” “izinkan saya habiskan sampai faktor nombor 5 dan saya akan menghuraikan semuanya dengan cara yang mudah untuk anda memahaminya”)

5- Sifat terurus :

Bukan semua dilahirkan dengan mempunyai sifat terurus, ia haruslah dipupuk dan jadikannya satu amalan kita. Cuba kita fikirkan sejenak jikalau seseorang jurufoto itu tidak terurus, menghadiri majlis dengan pakaian yang tidak menyenangkan, meletakkan atau menyimpan alatan kamera dengan cuainya dan mengakibatkan kerugian yang tinggi, terlepas atau terlupa membawa alatan kamera atau temu janji dengan klien, gambar yang diambil hilang atau terbuang dan tiada cara untuk mendapatkannya kembali, sesat apa bila hendak ker destinasi dan macam macam lagi. Anda nak jadi macam tuh ker?


Sebelum anda mengambil atau merakamkan sesebuah gambar itu, adalah disarankan untuk menggunakan 5 faktor yang baru dibaca. Mungkin ada diantara pembaca yang sememangnya melakukan 5 perkara tersebut tetapi tidak sedar atau tahu maksud dan ertinya, untuk pemahaman semua, mari kita lihat satu senario yang melibatkan kelima lima faktor ini :

Senario – Gambar Pengantin

Mengetahui alatan kamera apa yang sesuai dibawa untuk majlis akad nikah, bersanding atau pre/post wedding shoot. Mengetahui keadaan cuaca juga membantu dari segi persiapan. Saya selalu membayangkan atau berimiginasi bahawa pelanggan saya itu, adalah diri saya. Bagai mana saya hendak gambar di ambil (contohnya ketika mengambil gambar keluarga, saya tidak mahu ada ahli keluarga saya yang matanya tertutup apabila gambar diambil, begitulah saya akan pastikan gambar pelanggan saya) atau bagaimana perkhidmatan atau layanan yang saya mahukan, begitu lah juga yang akan saya berikan kepada pelanggan. Gambar kreatif selalu dikaitkan dengan pengambaran waktu pasangan berkahwin. Di sini, saya akan menghasilkan sesebuah gambar yang direkabentuk dari imiginasi saya dan yang telah dibina atau di “compose” oleh saya terlebih dahulu sebelum mengambil gambar tersebut. Akhir sekali, saya akan pastikan pakaian saya bersesuaian dengan majlis dan saya akan pastikan alatan kamera saya terjaga dan saya sampai ke destinasi pada waktu yang ditetapkan. Ini akan berlaku apabila saya menguruskan atau merancang perjalanan dan kelengkapan saya.

Sampai disini sahaja buat kali ini, semoga apa  yang anda telah baca, sedikit sebanyak dapat membantu para pembaca sekalian di dalam pemahaman fotografi. Jangan lupa nantikan keluaran seterusnya di mana kita akan membincangkan tentang penjagaan kamera atau dikenali sebagai “Camera Handling” , terima kasih dan jumpa lagi.


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